Book Review: FOLLOME

Followers watching Followers watching Followers. Monuments to humanity’s ignorance, greed, corruption, obsession. They all stand around waiting for the next hit.

I came across FOLLOME by Grant Jahn on TikTok and loved it. If you like edgy dystopian, cyberpunk thrillers or think social media will lead to the downfall of civilization, then this book’s for you! 

Broken up into three sections — the Entertainer, the Consumer, and the Savior — the book follows three main characters that become increasingly consumed by the social media platform FOLLOME. In this world, only a select few are granted the elite status of having a FOLLOWER assigned to them. One’s FOLLOWER is a mysterious, humanoid robot that films its user’s every move, streaming it on the app for the masses to consume. The lust for more and more views leads inevitably to desperation, lest you lose your FOLLOWER.

What starts out as a William Gibson-inspired techno-dystopian devolves into a post-apocalyptic nightmare in which the FOLLOWERS become a zombie-like horde desperate for content. In the end, it all comes together and connects, but not before society completely collapses.

Simply put: this is a really cool book. Is this novel saying a lot about today’s obsession with social media? Yes. Do I recommend you read this book yourself? Absolutely. FOLLOME is available to purchase here. And you can find Grant Jahn here — as always, thanks for reading!

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