I just finished EMBERS OF WRATH by Seth Halleway, an epic sci-fi fantasy novel set in the world of Shentonia. Like the first book in the series, the story is epic and fast-paced. It’s another strong ensemble with characters from the world’s various classes and sects. And as before, the author proves himself to be a phenomenal world-builder, adding to the diverse cultures, technologies, and ancient conflicts he established in the first book. 

For those of you that haven’t read the first book, don’t fret. These books are standalone stories set in the same world. So you can jump in at any point. This story focuses on the Gasadon family, the beloved monarchs of Parak, as they find their advanced weapons and defensive capabilities suddenly rendered moot by a scorned god. This leaves them dangerously vulnerable to an attack by their sworn enemy: the Julu-Kiatans. When that attack comes, the Gasadon family has to meet the challenge and lead their people, or all will be lost. 

Embers of Wrath is action-packed, with plenty of exciting set pieces that will keep you reading. There are some fantastic battles that I enjoyed – and they don’t bog down the story at all. There are many moving parts with different sets of characters, and it all fits together nicely. There’s plenty of heartbreak and despair. But there are also moments of elation. 

Again, I’m impressed with what the author has established with this series. The possibilities for this saga are endless, and I eagerly await what comes next! If you want an exciting and immersive science fiction fantasy adventure, this is for you. You can purchase the book here, and you can find Seth Halleway here. Thanks for reading!

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