Book Review: WE LIE HERE

Every villain is a heroine in her own story.

I just finished WE LIE HERE by Rachel Howzell Hall. Admittedly, I’m new to the mystery thriller genre – but these books are just so much fun that I couldn’t help but enjoy this. 

Yara Gibson is a twenty-something millennial returning home to throw her parents a big anniversary party. And I mean BIG. The whole town’s invited, and family starts coming out of the woodwork. When an estranged cousin turns up dead under mysterious circumstances, Yara goes down a rabbit hole that we readers won’t soon forget. 

Glancing at some of the early ARC reads, I see a lot of complaints that the characters are unlikeable and one-dimensional. I can see where they’re coming from BUT as somebody new to the genre, that didn’t really bother me… especially since a part of the mystery is not knowing if we can trust the main character or not (this is written in the first person, btw.) It just adds another wrinkle to the mystery. WE LIE HERE is a fast, entertaining thriller that saves its last, big reveal for the very end.

If this is your thing, definitely check it out. You can purchase WE LIE HERE here. And you will find Rachel Howzell Hall here. If you have any mystery thriller recommendations for me to read and review, leave them below! Thanks!

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