“Men in packs can do terrible things, things they wouldn’t have the hate to do alone. It’s no excuse, just something you should know.”

Just read THE QUARRY GIRLS by Jess Lourey. This book is intense. It’s also really good, so I definitely recommend you check it out. For me, an author of a high-octane spy thriller and a dark-as-hell dystopian thriller, this book kept me up at night. It’s menacing and mysterious… and explicit. The author has crafted a rich setting where she places a great set of characters. The story itself focuses on a fun group of teenage girls. Unfortunately, this book is about the violence and murder, and abuse that befalls upon them…

But the mystery is riveting, the prose is lovely, and the ending is memorable. Oh, and it’s inspired by a true story. So that’s terrifying. If this is your thing, definitely check it out.   You can purchase THE QUARRY GIRLS here. And you can find Jess Lourey here. As always, I’m open to book recommendations, so please leave them below!

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